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Industrial prototype manufacture and processing methods

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Definition of prototype manufacturing

Prototype,is  commonly known as the model, mainly made by CNC processing, laser rapid prototyping and small batch production with silicone mold.

Industrial prototypes are widely used in the design and development of new industrial products, and the physical prototypes are designed in the shortest time. Designers carry out product validation and functional testing to improve the design, reduce development costs, shorten development cycles, and quickly gain design recognition. 
The effects of industrial prototype
1. Design evaluation;
Over external dimensions, parts removal ratio, color matching, material and surface texture, etc.
2.Structural design rationality assessment
Over product size, assembly method, structural strength, fit clearance, material selection, etc.
3. Product functional testing
Over assembly test, operation test, drop test, electrical test, motherboard performance test, etc.
4. Cost optimization before mass production
Over structural parts costing (what must be, which can be canceled), electrical layout optimization (such as FPC routing, etc.), assembly method cost optimization, etc.
5. Prototype display;
Over the marketing, electronic exhibition, e-commerce photography, etc. 
 Industrial plastic prototype production process
Design files →  analyzing and quoting → disassembly programming → CNC machining → manual repair ing→ surface  processing → assembly and quality inspection → shipment
1. What are the output of the design files?
(1) 3D model file, subject to the STP file format
(2) CMF file, product processing renderings.
(3) Film CDR file, there is silkscreen LOGO or other pattern CDR files on the product surface.
4)BOM list, if you need to make a structural prototype, you need to list the material and production quantity,etc.
(5)Special requirements for the production instructions, assembly or welding, processing method, for example.

Analyzing files and quoting

Checking the design file, and confirming whether the content of the file is complete, if there is any discrepancy, communicate with the designer in time.

 Difficulty analysis, surface treatment feasibility analysis, and timely communication with customers.

According to the model processing difficulty, production method, evaluation production cycle, and quotation to customers.

Split programming

Split programming and processing, glueing together after manufacturing

Input the classified 3D file into the programming software MasterCAM to perform CNC machining step programming.
Slecting manufacturing tools based on different processing materials and different cutting.

CNC processing

Fix the solid raw material on the CNC machine in different ways, glueing for example. Ensuring that it is within the processable range and that the raw materials are not loose.

 Restarting the machine to perform fully automatic CNC washing and cutting of the programmed 3D file data.

Manual repair

Cleaning the CNC finished parts, wiping the unwanted burrs and debris.

Then checking the actual object and the 3D file, whether it is processed in place, if there is any omission, then carry out secondary processing.

Manual repairing to ensure the fluent assembly
Polishing appearance surface and the special mating surface.

Since the CNC processing is impossible to achieve a completely smooth surface effect, the knife pattern will be left behind, and the sandpaper needs to be polished. The number is from 240 to 1200, from coarse to fine.

Surface treatment

According to the CMF explanatory diagram, classify the parts that require surface treatment.

Outsourcing surface treatment services after classification

If parts need to be sprayed, the professional painting staff will adjust the paint according to the PT number on the CMF, then spray it directly, then put it into the oven for a while to cure the paint.
Making the Wiredrawing or sandblasting effect based on the sand number provided by customers.
A prototype with special surface treatment requirements is difficult to achieve the same effect as a real product, so you can only look at the effect roughly. If you want to see the perfect effect, you need to make it by mold.

Assembly and quality inspection

When all the parts have been completed, the assembly is required, and the assembly process has been designed in the disassembly programming stage. Just like making the structure, we must make the assembly process clear and start construction, and then assemble it step by step according to the process. 

When the assembly is complete, you need to check whether the prototype meets the design requirements.


The product is protected from falling packaging to prevent damage to the model during transportation, and the delivery or local delivery is determined according to the geographical distance.

Structure sheet metal model production process

Design files →  analyzing and quoting → split programming → punch CNC machining → sheet metal bending processing → manual repairing → surface process processing → assembly and quality inspection → shipping

Similar to the plastic model making process, except that the sheet metal parts are not directly processed by the CNC,  the punches of various shapes are produced according to the shape, and then processed step by step.

If the product is just a simple sheet metal bend, you don't need to make a punch, you can just bend it with a bending machine.


What kind of  products can we make prototypes for

Medical, home appliances, communication, car, digital, financial products, military products, etc., as long as you want to do, any product can be made into a prototype, but the material selection may not be what you want, as for the appearance and function, you can Achieve a good state.

The following products is just an example: 



No matter plastic or metal parts, we can make them for you basen on your requirement.

Besides the CNC processing, we can also use 3D printing  or laser to create prototype.

3. When a small batch model is needed, the method of using a silicone compound mold or a quick mold can be used to achieve a small batch yield.

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