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Vacuum Casting Devices
Fast silicon molding and vacuum injection
Vacuum injection molding is to use a prototype sample to make a silicone mold under vacuum condition. And then, we use the this silicone mold to copy parts in small batch production. This technology has a high speed and costs less, which greatly reduces the development cost, cycle and risk of the design.
Application: small batch prototype sample with complex structure, uniform wall thickness and certain functional requirements
Life of silicone mold: 10-15 pieces 
Optional materials: two-component polyurethane PU, transparent PU, ABS, PP, high temperature resistant ABS, etc.
Physical properties: similar to ABS, PP, PMMA, PC, soft rubber, etc.
Copying accuracy: ±0.15mm/100mm
Copying time: generally 1-4 hours/piece, the specific time refers to the product size.
We have 2 large vacuum molding machines and 20 professional technicians, helping to provide customers with fast, high quality products and services. 
Vacuum casting products


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